Second training day, press conference, WIFC 2017 Opening Ceremony

Second training day, press conference and WIFC 2017 Opening Ceremony

The relatively warm weather appearing on the night to Thursday, did not make any significant adjustments. Ice situation remains stable. In places where competition is planned perhaps a bit unusual is access to the ice, which to an inexperienced person might seem amusing, however, with a help of wooden constructions we can reach our spots on practically dry feet. In addition, the thickness and condition of the ice is constantly monitored by the rescuers, which are present at all training and competition days. They examine, measure ice thickness and provide necessary instructions and limitations. Overall, the ice situation is very good.

Also in training process there are no significant changes observed. Some teams chose the tactics to go around the competition sectors to look for the best places and gather information on what and how to act during competitions. Some other teams walked away to the other side of the lake to perform their own inner competition, helping to decide which participants will take part in competition on the first day. Today we have seen aslo some bigger fish, apart from tiny perch some bigger breams made happy USA Team.

Championship goes on according to the plan, the participants look satisfied, getting ready for Opening ceremony tonight and the next training day tomorrow, which will be the last before the competition. Newest weather forecasts show that this night might have degrees below zero, which hopefully will improve access to ice.




Insight to press conference, held shortly before Opening Ceremony:

pro_5361GUNDARS KURZEMNIEKS Latvia Sport Fishing Federation president, Chairman of Organizing Committee of 14th World Ice Fiching Championship As organizer I’m glad to say that World Ice Fishing Championship is held in Latvia alreaady for the third time. Second time in the history there are forteen teams participating and it is a great pleasure to manage with such a number of contestants and host such a great fishing event. The competition place is Mazais Baltezers, nice lake near Riga. Ice condition is quite good and safe and we have good forecasts that ice situation won’t change and be stable during the competition. I wish fair play and good luck to everyone.

pro_5444 IGOR CHINYAKOV, FIPSed vice president – I am very glad to be here in connection with fourteenth World Ice Fishing Championship, in which by incident fourteen teams are taking part. Unfortunately, the weather and climate changes occurring on our planet introduces their corrections, which primarily affects winter fishing sport. Despite the fact I want to point out that at the moment we have good ice and competition can take place without concern for athletes’ health and life. Looking back, why this championship is held in Latvia. Originally Bulgaria was chosen as organizers, however, the Bulgarian Sports Fishing Federation was not convinced about the potential quality of the ice and withdrew from the organization in favor of another country. Knowing Latvian anglers’ skills and organizational capacity, International Sport Fishing Federation FIPSed had no doubts to entrust Latvia the organization of the championship. I would also like to wish everyone a great fight, tight lines and let the best win!

pro_5384NORMUNDS GRABOVSKIS, Latvian Sports Fishing Federation Member of the Board, Latvian national team head coach: With Small Baltezers everything is in fine, fish are there. Competition sectors are chosen so that thre would be fair and equal conditions for everyone, with no hidden no surprises. This lake is very appropriate because there are so-called sport fish that is perhaps not so interesting for daily fishing, but just for angling for sport and thats why it is easy to organize competition of such volume.

As regards Latvian national team I won’t give any forecasts, I can say only that there are five to six equal level teams that will compete for medals, forecasts can be expressed only about winning team score. In any case, without naming any, everyone who is in sport will understand that there are teams coming to learn and then there is the core of the teams, which are always fighting for medals. Latvia is among the teams that will be fighting.

pro_5389SEAN WARNER, Team USA I don’t have much to say, but of course we are glad to be here  and I really appreciate first and foremost Latvian Sport Fishing federation job done. Six month ago we were not pretty much sure there will be Ice fishing championship this year. I appreciate work done by federation and also the main sponsor of this championship Norfin and Salmo Group. We had an opportunity to come here a couple of times and I can say both organizing committee and sponsors have done fantastic job. I can say this is great lake and great venue. We were here few weeks ago doing some training and we are here since Satturday and I think this might be one of the best championships ever. We have great bunch of competitives, it is nice to see that some of the teams that hadn’t been able to come last year are here and this is what truly makes international competition possible. I’m really glad we all are here all are competeing for sports here. I think this is a great championship, we have great lake, great venue, great hotel we are staying at, I think this will be most competitive, most enjoyable of all ice fishing championships I’ve ever been part of. Thank you to organizers and sponsors.

pro_5403EGILS DRAUDINS, main coach – We have an honor to organize WIFC for the third time in Latvia. We have a new team and from previous composition we have taken all the best experience, what our men have gained in previous championships. I want to thank the Almighty for it that he has given us the ice, so we have a base on which to catch and compete. I might repeat that the ice is safe enough in areas where competitions are planned for two days. Regarding judges they are also selected from both sport anglers and the volunteers who are just anglers. So I hope that we will be able to ensure proper trial procedure all through competition.

With the Opening Ceremony of 14th World Ice Fishing Championship, held in accordance with the best traditions all starts for real! Tomorrow one more and last training day, and then witin Satturday and Sunday we will find out who is the best who will be new champions!



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