Round one

Round one begun with Captain’s meeting and fishing sectors drawn by lot, as well as bait control. As if the existing tension wouldn’t be enough, the weather set its own own challenges of a wide spectrum, the sun, snow, wind, snowstorm, then again the sun, wind, snow… and so on several times within three hours.

Unlike workout days, participants completely switched to race mode, did not talk much, tried not to show the fish they were catching, and made maximum use of the time available for fishing. Three hours passed very intense and fast. With fourth signal, the participants gave their catches to judges and preserving the intrigue returned back to the hotel to prepare for the weighting procedure, which will reveal results of the first round.

Weight-in procedure is one of the interesting part of the championship, when all participants follow result weighting and counting. After first round leading positions are taken by Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania.  Complete results see here.

Damir Shykhotarov, delegate of Ukraine:  Of course, we are glad for today’s results, however, we understand that the gap is not so hudge, and tomorrow some other team can run over us, that’s why we will be preparing for second round again as if from the beginning, not taking into account todays result. I cannot comment on any changes in composition of our team for tomorrow, because we will decide about that in evening’s meeting.

Normunds Grabovskis, captain of Latvian Team: All goes according to the plan. We were working hard to get third or forth place in sector to get stable result for team and about 20 pionts in total. Today we have got two great results and two not so good, but anyhow we are stable. As agreed before, for tomorrow we’ll change one participant, but otherwise no remarkable changes planned in our strategy.



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